Great projectcs on the web:

OpenSource Linux things:

  • VestaCP - Free and Open Source controle panel for webhosting (Great, simple and easy to install!)
  • EHCP - Easy Hosting Controle Panel
  • ISPConfig - Manage Your Servers Directly Through Your Browser
  • i-MSCP - internet Multi Server Control Panel 
  • webmin - web-based interface for system administration for Unix
  • Virtualmin - Open Source Web Hosting and Cloud Control Panels
  • DietPi - Easy autoinstall for your SBC
  • swizzin - Modular seedbox, with nextcloud and Let's Encrypt, and much more, installed the easy way.
  • rtinst - Automated script for installing rTorrent + RuTorrent on debian/Ubuntu

Freeware from the net:

  • - Install your favorite-freeware applications in one step
  • IMAPsize - Move/copy/backup all your emails in the same programe
  • PDFill - Great PDF-software, for PDFs
  • Ubuntu - Free operating system (Desktop/Server)
  • Debian - Free operating system (Desktop/Server)
  • NextCloud - "Host your own dropbox-server". Secure and with allot of features!

Other things:

Dedicated server providers EU:

  • - Danish provider with good prices. Virtual / dedicated servers, and storage.
  • - German provider. Dedicaded, managed and virtual servers, webhosting and storagespace.
  • - Dutch / global provider.
  • OVH / So-you-start / kimsufi - French provider with datacenters in EU and Canada


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