2018 has ben a great year, for my solar project.

The construction of a "solar-shed" has been great. I only need to plate the shed on the outside, and make it fit in, in the excisting construction.

Also the installation of 2,1KWp solar-panels has been great.

I have about 7Kwh of battery-storage, and has tested the setup during the summer.

Now I need some more solar-hours, to fill up my batteries, while I'm expanding my battery storage.

A big thanks to all of my "battery-donations"!

Some of my projects:

DIY Solar-Powerwall:

I have decided to start building my own powerwall, powered from solarpanels.
Many people have started harvesting batteries from old laptop-batteries, and so do I.
The laptop-batteries are often build with 6-8 batteries of the type 18650, and normally just a pair of these batteries are broken.

I therefore test all the batteries, and plans to use all of them with a capacity above 2000mah left.

I hope to get enough batteries, to make a 10kwh batterybank, containing about 1400 batteries in a 14s100p-setup.

Hopefully I can get a second batterybank up and running also, so if I have to make some service on the one bank, I can continue to power my house with the other battery-bank.

If I can get enough batteries, I aim at a 40-60 kwh batterybank, that should power my house for 5 days without sun for the solar panels.

I'm planning to build a fireproof shed, behind my garage, for the batterybank. In case of a fire, this shed should keep the fire away from the rest of the house.
In time, I'll try to install some automatic fire protection of the shed.

I plan to use a MPP PIP4048MST Off-Grid inverter with MPPT solar charger.
This inverter can handle up to 180 Amps input from solarpanels and 60A from grid.

As I have 3 phases connected my house, and this inverter only have a single phase (at 4.000w), I plan to use the inverter for the fridge+freezer (300w peak) and the households computers (servers and the network equipment 150w). If we can plan the use of dishwasher (2300w peak), washing machine and dryer (1000w peak), I will try to put this on the inverter too. 

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